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Bizantinicon is a Byzantine painting studio intended to bring a beam of light from ancient faith into the human soul.

The painters are persons specialised in the field of religious art, who studied Orthodox Theology and Church Painting. The icons painted here observe closely the work technique of the Byzantine style, from drawing, color and technique to the materials used. The icons are painted on linden tree wood, that has been treated. The latter has criss-crossing bands on its back, that are meant to prevent the icon’s structural alteration in time and prolong its durability.

The colours used are based on tempera – pigment and powder. The icons are covered in 24 k gold-leaf , and not in slahmetal (an imitation of gold-leaf, frequently used in most icons on the market, and that becomes oxidized, unless gold-leaf that remains unaltered in time).

Icons are protected with a natural varnish film, so as to ensure better preservation in time of the icon.

Bizantin Icon Bizantin Icon Bizantin Icon Bizantin Icon